simply naturally homegrown.

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simply naturally homegrown.

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I created my blog in order to help my family and friends get back to the basics. I wanted to inspire people to live the simplest, most natural, most inspired life possible. So many things that we use, buy, eat, heal with can be created with simple ingredients and a little homegrown know-how! Happiness comes from within and wellness is grown by the earth. I hope to remind people that the simply way of living that has been practiced for centuries is the path to true health and happiness.

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Our society is going through a much needed shift. People now have an increased desire for natural wellness, homegrown happiness, and simplified living. We are yearning to get back to the basics to find inner happiness and live more peaceful lives. I hope to provide people with the tools to grow their own food, cook delicious and healthy meals, find natural healing methods, and ways to eliminate stress and anxiety. I want to remind society that the ways things are currently being done is not the only way. To help people tap into their inner knowing-ness and the knowledge of homgrown living from past generations. It is time to build back our community, our joy, and our health. Nothing earth shatter, just bringing people back.

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Sprout City Farms

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good luck girl! love your blog, ideas, recipes, pictures and posts!

by Jvommers4
over 3 years ago | Reply

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