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A suicide attempt is made once every minute in the United States; a suicide is completed once every 15 to 18 minutes. The annual suicide rate is higher than the mortality rates from homicide, AIDS, and most forms of cancer.

Live Through This is a photography and interview based project about life on the other side of a suicide attempt, brought to you in the words and likenesses of survivors themselves.

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The ultimate goal of the Live Through This project is to create awareness of suicide as a pervasive social issue. It knows no age, creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Fear of understanding and discussing suicide is costing valuable lives of loved ones everywhere.

Suicide attempt survivors who choose to participate in LTT are first given the chance to tell their story without direction. An informal interview follows. Then, while they're in that head space, a portrait is made. The idea is that we embrace who we've been and show the world that anybody could be suicidal.

In presenting these stories and images, the hope is that the viewer will leave armed with the knowledge that simply asking if someone is suicidal could save a life.

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To Write Love on Her Arms

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